Saturday, March 30, 2013

Calling All Entry Level-Junior Technical Writers…Your Time Is Now!

For quite some time now, the majority of Technical Writer roles available have been mid-senior level. But no longer!

I’m always keeping my eye on the market. And since last November, I’ve seen a slew of Junior Technical Writer positions available online. This link includes some Junior Technical Writer roles available as of this writing:,+ca

NOTE: These listings are available as of this article’s published date. Link may be outdated, but search for Junior Technical Writer roles on Indeed and SimplyHired.

And that’s just through job boards and LinkedIn. I’ve heard from colleagues that recruiters are approaching Junior Technical Writers for unadvertised Technical Writer roles! So I strongly urge you to post your resume on major job search sites so recruiters can find you.

Tips from a once upon a time entry level Technical Writer

Let me share some tips when applying for these roles.

Sell your accomplishments in your resume
Whether it’s what you’ve done in school, in your volunteer work, or in a short gig, have something tangible to show and tell. This is what will make you stand out. Try to tie it in to the requirements of the job ad. When all resumes are created equal, it’s your accomplishments that will help you to stand out.

Be flexible with the rate or salary
One of the reasons that a company may be hiring a Junior Technical Writer is because of budget. Right now it’s an employers’ market. All you should be concerned about is getting this position. Once you prove yourself and performance review comes up, then you’ll have some leverage. The important thing here is to get experience and prove yourself.

Set your sights on working long term for the company
In your cover letter and at the interview, tell the manager that you’re looking to put in some time at the company to learn as much as you can. Hiring managers don’t want someone who will just get in and get out: they’re looking for long term investments so they don’t waste their resources. By staying long term, you can also develop rapport with colleagues who you will see up and down San Diego.

Have an open minded attitude
This is the most important. Some professionals may have little patience with dealing with a fresh Technical Writer: nothing irks them more than one with an attitude. Your goal is to absorb as much as you can from everyone. These people are well experienced and can teach you all you need to learn. But only if you let them.

Best of luck and always put your best foot forward!
Mike Ronquillo

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